Afternoon Tea

Steamed Lotus Root Stuffed with Glutinous Rice | Chinese Food Easy Recipes

▪ Ingredients  



Lotus root

2 roots

Glutinous rice

500 g

Red dates

a few

Brown sugar, rock sugar

a few

Osmanthus honey

a few


▪ Detailed steps  

Soak glutinous rice in water for 2 hours, then rinse and set aside

Peel the lotus root, cut one end and stuff it with washed glutinous rice

Stuffed with glutinous rice and fixed with toothpicks to cut off the head (excess toothpicks broken off)

Lotus root into the rice cooker, add water, red dates, rock sugar, brown sugar

Cook until lotus root is soft and sticky (cook button)

Take out and slice

Ladle a few spoons of brown sugar water from the rice cooker into the pan, pour in a little cinnamon honey and cook until bubbling

Drizzle cinnamon sugar over lotus root, cinnamon glutinous rice lotus root is finished

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