Tiger Skin Chicken Feet | Chinese Food Easy Recipes

▪ Ingredients  



Chicken Claw

500 g

Oil, soy sauce, dark soy sauce

a few

Aromatic leaves, dried chili

a few

Cinnamon, star anise, pepper

a few


▪ Detailed steps  

Spices (allspice, dried chili, cinnamon, star anise, pepper) bagged and ready

Chicken claws cut off the nails, blanching, and then pulled out with kitchen paper to absorb the surface water

Hot oil will be fried chicken claw skin until blistered, here the oil may splash more powerful, we must pay attention to protect themselves Oh

Pan-fried chicken claws over cold water

Start another pot, add chicken claws, spice bag, soy sauce, dark soy sauce, high heat boil and then reduce the heat to slow cook, cook until the chicken claws soft and rotten to enjoy

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